Any fiction novels that talk about losing the identity of a native place?

I am looking for novels with a story that's similar to my country's situation (Philippines). It's multicultural because of foreign influences thanks to colonization (Spain, USA, and Japan). Problem is, the country is losing its identity again in this modern time due to neo-colonization (i.e. China). 

Such instances are: the joint partnership of foreign businesses and local businesses + government so as to demolish historical/heritage sites, introducing foreign languages in the cities like in directions (maybe this is not that bad after all), and employing legal/illegal foreigners here to do shady business while being disrespectful to the locals and the locals being employed to give them a VIP treatment i.e. car driver, maid, caregiver, and so on.

Problem is that many of the locals here cannot do anything about it because: poverty, govt corruption, social inequality, powerless due to having to fight the ones with a bigger position, and the mentality that speaking up is looked down because that is compared to someone being unhelpful and always complaining. That is then resulting to the mentality that being quiet and having (blind) obedience is good for the country. I think all these originated from centuries of the locals being a slave from past colonizers, having a stockholm syndrome towards them, and the neverending self-hate among fellow locals (even if the fellow ones do something positive or negative for the country).

Any fictional novels that are similar to this case?

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    An adult-fantasy novel about elves, faries and satyrs. Can't say much due to spoilers but it's an amazing novel about national pride and loss of identity and conflict related for what you are searching.

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    Planet of the Apes

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