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I am jealous of my friend, he makes a lot of friends easy, hes my only friend, how to make friends?

I am very shy, i need someone to come up and start talking to me

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    NO.  You don't NEED this.  You are hiding behind the fact you are a bit shy and letting this other person do all the hard work of socialising so that you can coast along in his wake.  Yes, you are jealous of him at the same time which isn't really friendly is it.  You are lazy and a bit cowardly because while he does all the socialising you can sit back and do nothing.  This isn't going to do you any good in the long run.  He's going to get fed up with you hanging onto his coat-tails and you aren't going to learn to socialise until you are in your 20s which will be much harder to do.  You have to be pro-active for yourself.  Do something for yourself for a change.  Yes it will be hard but once you have done it once, even if it doesn't work out superbly, it will give you practice at doing it.  Put a smile on your face, stop looking at the floor, look other people in the eye and smile and say 'Hi'.  You don't have to stop and chat at first because it'll be scary (unless they start a convo with you).....but the next time you come face to face with that person (not just one person, lots of people who you've smiled and said 'Hi' to) smile and say 'Hi how are you?' and this time they'll have to actually answer the question.  Again, you either stop and talk about how they are or you carry on as before.  It doesn't take long and the more you do it, the better at it you'll become.  You will end up with quite a few new people you can chat to and you may find more friends from this group.  You'll also have learned the valuable lesson of socialising.  You are a different character to your rather out-going friend so don't try and copy his technique.  You will get your own technique of friend-gathering.  Good luck

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    Wanna know the secret to making friends easily?  Acquire a reasonable amount of knowledge about loads of different subjects so you can talk about anything that crops up.

    The other part is to not give a damn if you make an arrse of yourself.

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