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I have crooked teeth and I feel like people think I’m ugly, stupid and poor. Is it that bad? ?

Appearance is the first thing people go by when judging someone. My teeth are crooked and so is my jaw. I feel like people might think that I am, poor and stupid. The reason I haven’t gotten braces is because I have an underbite. I want the surgery for my underbite but it cost between $20k-$30k and I don’t have that kind of money and insurance won’t cover any of it. My orthodontist told me that if I chose to just get the braces and not the surgery, I would never be able to go back and get the surgery since I already had the braces. Idk why this is, but anyways, here’s a picture of my destroyed teeth and crooked jaw. I’m sorry if I hurt your eyes with my ugliness. 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    i think its bad the way they treat you

  • 3 weeks ago

    Dude there's nothing wrong with you teeth or jaw. There's men who have worse teeth and jaws and still get girls. Theres nothing wrong with you actually. You're not as bad looking as you think you are. Quit putting yourself down and get on with life. 

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