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27 yr old male. Hate my body. Skinny legs, bloated belly. How do i fix this?

So i used to be an overall fit person but the older i get.. the worse shape im in. And its not like im “OLD”. 27 should still be my prime. Girls used to stare at me all the time, now im basically invisible. And its getting depressing.

My legs used to be normal. But now (calves, below the needs) are extremely skinny. I do calf raises, i jog, i lift. They do NOT grow or get defined no matter what. My legs look like sticks. Its embarassing, i dont look proportional and i know women find this very unattractive.My belly used to be flat. My face used to have strong jawlines. Now im bloated. My chest is sagging. And i do admit i had an alcohol problem for 5 years which blew up my belly. (I lied to myself that it wasnt the alcohol), but it has to be, cause im not a big eater or couch potato. I slowed down my alcohol consumption the past 2 months. I lost a few pounds but i dont see much of a difference. If i eat alot my belly will be bloated while my legs stay the same. If i “fast” and dont eat much, my belly will get thinner but so will legs. I cant afford my legs to get thinner.Im afraid my body is ruined forever.

Any help??

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  • 4 weeks ago

    ask your doctor about it

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