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How do you handle a bug infestation?

My mom lives out of state and she came to stay at my house for a few months, because the state she’s in had the highest cases for Covid-19. Before leaving she did not throw any food out of her fridge and now it’s disgusting. When we got there it was moldy food, maggots, fruit flies, and tiny white bugs that you have to look close to see. We’ve cleaned the fridge so there aren’t as many fruit flies, no moldy food, and the maggots are gone, but the tiny white bugs keep coming back. It’s gotten so bad that they are on the inside and outside of the fridge, the kitchen sink, microwave, and stove because they’re all close together. We tried cleaning multiple times but they keep coming back and we don’t know what to do. I can let her stay with me a little longer but this is her house and she has to come back at some point.


Also, she lives in an apartment so I don’t know if fumigation is ok.

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    The first step is to correctly identify the exact bug you are dealing with.

    The second step is to find out what kills the bug - especially the egg and larva stages since that is why it keeps coming back.

    Once you know what bug you are dealing with - you can use the correct bug fogger and it should eliminate the pests.

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