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Where can i measure my melanin index (MI) / actual skin colour depth?

So i recently saw that in some genetic/anthropological studies people have their actual skin colour measured aka how light or dark they are.

I only know that these devices used to measure skin colour are very expensive and not available for domestic use, i still have found very little information about that on the internet, so is there any way to know my melanin index besides being a participant of a study (because i would have to wait some or a lot of time to be part of it)?

Does anybody know?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No I don't but how about you try my home kit instead?

    All you need to do is sit in the sun for an hour. After that send me $500 and a description of any sun burn. We do the evaluation for free but we need the $500 to cover data fees. We're building a database that can help other people who are just like you.

    *Not guaranteed to give you white bragging rites.

  • rodcom
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    3 weeks ago

    Many cosmetic counters can measure your shade of skin to get a better match.

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