Garage conversion?

People typically convert a carport into a garage but I'm looking to convert my garage into a carport. The previous owners built the foundation lower than the street which caused water damage on the wood at the bottom throughoutthe years. It also looks grungy, old and unkempt. I got a new driveway installed and the water is still getting in. I figure if I convert it, I will never have to worry about the water again. It's attached to my house and also has a brand new roof, brand new gutters all the way around and new electrical. Attached is a pic of what I have in mind. My house and garage have the same type and color siding as the pic. Also, my garage is attached to my house the same way as the pic shows. The guy I'm looking to hire for the job confirmed that it is solid (besides the wood at the bottom. I think opening it all up with the posts shown in the pic will look really nice. My only concern is if it will bring down the value of my home. Any suggestions, folks? 


I live in central Tx. so I don't have to worry about snow too much. I have a small shed in mind, I don't have a lot of stuff to store anyway. As far as I know, the crime rate is very low here, it's a really good neighborhood. I've lived in this house for approx. 8 months and have never parked in the garage anyway. I found out later after moving in that the garage doors do not work. They're manual doors, not automatic, and in bad shape.

I digress.

Update 2:

I am looking to sell my house within the next year. I have quite a few projects besides this one. So I know I cannot dump too much money into it.

Update 3:

The water damage was not disclosed to me. The inspector couldn't even get in the garage cause it was so cluttered. I thought about taking legal action but I thought it was too late to do anything. I also figure since I signed, there's nothing I can do about it. My house is built up higher. So no water damage to house.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    enclose the garage,,elevated a few inches about where it is now for better drainage,,,make the lil room off the garage a small lvg space,,if local regs and inspectors are no problem,, 

    a one roomer with a shower and small stove might make a neat B & B rental

     better water drainage all around ought to be addressed house elevation raising,, sump pumps around the perimeter,,,or get a dozer to l dig a trench towards where water would drain  away from the property

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I would definitely want a garage, I wouldn't consider buying a home without one. 

    have you considered replacing the toe plates with pressure treated lumber and covering the interior walls with something inexpensive?

  • Droopy
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    4 weeks ago

    It definitely will bring down the value.   A garage is a very desirable option people look for in a house.  I'd look at where the water comes from.  I figure away to divert it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    of course it will bring down the value of the house.  but then 'the value' assumes no water damage and you'll have to disclose this problem to potential buyers.  [why you weren't told before buying is a mystery to be discussed with a real estate attorney -- you may be able to sue successfully].  You've another problem -- what does that water do to the lower edge of the house?  [and you'll want to use non-corroding metal posts, properly anchored, for the job].  -- Sell within a year is optimistic -- and the photo of someone else's carport is very nice -- that sort of work would be a positive in a sale.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    What's the climate like?  If you're someplace like Florida it probably won't be a big deal.  But up north, a carport means you'll have to scrape your windows when it snows or freezes.  That can get real old real fast.  Also, do you have another place to safely store your yard equipment and other stuff that's normally in the garage?  Is the crime rate in your area a problem?  Because if you leave the car unlocked in a carport, it's more likely to get searched.

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