Am I a Zoophile? ?

Okay so when I was younger I used to masturbate to animals mating on YouTube (without knowing I was doing anything wrong) I used to be into things like my little pony and search up porn of my little pony too, once I tried masturbating with one of my dogs A couple of times  when I was horny out of my mind and a bit older but I snapped out of it and realized that what I was doing was wrong and distanced myself from any animal but now I’m thinking about the past (I don’t have and romantic feelings for animals of any sort nor do I have a “preference” btw) I totally regret what I did and I now realize that it’s totally wrong and I have no feelings for animals whatsoever I just feel incredibly guilty about it because I just want to live a normal life like anyone  else without thinking of the past and the things I did, because I know I would lose some of my most loyal friends if I told them. So my question is, can I still live a normal life knowing I did those things With animals? 


Please don’t mind my horrible grammar (°_°)

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Looking up My Little Pony porn is not one bit harmful. Neither is masturbating to videos of animals mating. You didn't hurt them, by doing that.

    As for masturbating with your dog..? That's a bit more dubious. But at least you didn't hurt the dog, and you didn't do anything to it that it found objectionable, right? You just kept it there with you, while you masturbated?

    I wouldn't do that again, if I were you. I don't think it's right. But I also find it forgivable. As most likely, the dog did not even understand what was going on, right..? And it probably wasn't hurt by it. 

    If you were my friend, and you told me about this stuff..? You would still be my friend. And I would feel bad for you, for having to deal with these conflicting feelings. I know people can't help being into what they're into. And if animals turn you on, that is really NOT your fault. You didn't choose to feel that way. But what people can choose..? Is whether or not to act on their attractions! So for people that are pedophiles, for instance..? I wouldn't blame them for feeling attracted to kids, in and on ITSELF. Only for choosing to act on it! Which is 100% unforgivable! People who have extremely harmful desires, like that..? Need to realize, and respect, that they just cannot ever act on it! But if they do, and they never act on it, but they still feel what they feel..? That doesn't make them bad people. And in fact, I very much sympathize with their plight, in that case. Must be really f*cking hard.

    Same principle should apply to you. Being attracted to animals is not your fault, and it does not in any way make you a bad person. However..? It's important that you don't do anything that hurts or traumatizes animals. But I personally think, watching My Little Pony porn, or getting off to videos of animals mating in real life..? Actually doesn't. And I don't think that's immoral. Getting an animal sex slave, that you forced to engage in sexual acts with you, for your own benefit..? Would be. That's my opinion.

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