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Physics Question help?

The figure shows 2 displacement vectors D1, and D2. The magnitude of the vectors are D1 = 28m, and D2 = 50m. The vectors make angles θ1 and θ2 with the x-axis shown in the figure. If θ1 = 42 degres and θ2 = 41 degrees find the magnitude of the net displacement vector D1 + D2 to the nearest meter? I'll see if I can add in a picture


The answer is 54m, but I'm trying tp figure out how

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  • Ash
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    Using component method

    sum of x-components of both vectors = 28cos42 + 50cos41

    sum of y-components of both vectors = 28sin42 + 50sin41

    Magnitude of Resultant vector = √[(28cos42 + 50cos41)² + (28sin42 + 50sin41 )²] = 78 m

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