who do you get a strip bolt off ford escape wipe on back?

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    You should take a picture of the stripped bolt. And provide as many details as possible. If it's the bolt head that's stripped Take an angle grinder or Dremel and make a flathead into the bolt head then use a screwdriver to remove. If it's the threads that are stripped maybe you can just cut the bolt head off with a sawzall. maybe the bolt isn't stripped maybe something that the bolt is screwed into is moving with the wrench too, if it's a nut you may have to hold the nut with a pair of pliers while turning the bolt. If something is too badly stripped you can't get it off you may have to replace the pieces around it. If you are absolutely sure you can't get the bolt off then it probably isn't going to go back together even if you do get the bolt off so replacing the whole unit may be the best bet

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