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What happened to the democrat party that 'fought for' the blue collar working class & the poor inner city black?They now support cheap?

iIIegal workers south of the border and laugh at 'uneducated' 'stupid' trailer trash?


Free At Last - are old enough to vote or just still nursing on our mommy's nipple

Update 2:

ennui - do your 'stats' tell you how dems suck the life out of prosperous states and move on ... keep your eye on California ...

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    That party died sometime during the Clinton regime.  Now unless you are non-white, gay, trans, on drugs or in prison, Democrats don't want to know you.

  • ennui
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    3 weeks ago

    I see many posts like this one. It's always "what do Dems do for the poor/working class?". I never see anything posted with these questions that outline what Republicans do for them, though. Anyhow, this is what I can tell you: according to the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress, data show that the economy does better under Democratic administrations. I can also tell you that the only states in the US that have lower than national standard minimum wages, or NO minimum wage, are all conservative. The states with the highest poverty levels are conservative. The states with the highest infant mortality rates are conservative. The states with the lowest ranking education are conservative. So.... you tell us what the Republicans do.

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    that party never existed...the dems went from slavery, to jim crow to herding black ppl into projects, and prisons

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    We laugh at you and the mentally ill man child you voted for. The Democratic party has fought for blue collar workers and poor inner city Blacks from day one. Just because your stupid azz says differently in YA doesn't make your stupid question related to reality in any way whatsoever. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Nothing says support for the working class like dodging Taxes for 25 years.

    Trump has completely lost the working class and suburban vote this week. 

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