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are there any minerals/rocks that are harmful to aquatic life?

im a rockhound... but i also have several micro aquariums and they all have established ecosystems. what minerals are toxic to marine life? and will upset the ecosystems in my tanks which have had one water change in the last year and are all breeder tanks for larger fish


by breeder tanks for larger fish, i mean as a live food source, i have several larger predatory fish in other tanks and a pond out back.

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    The list of rocks that won't work well for aquariums is very long. It would be easier to say what would work. Rocks should be inert so they won't affect pH (so none with calcium carbonate) and they shouldn't have any traces of heavy metals. Slate, shale, basalt, sandstone, granite, gneiss, quartz, and petrified wood would work for freshwater tanks.

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    Some rocks that you buy or find might have chemicals on them or even soaked in. 

    Some rocks will effect your ph.

    some rocks may have sharp edges that a fish could get scrapped on.

    So be cautious.

    when in doubt, leave it out, hee

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