How to Fill VAT Registration for Freelancer in UAE?

VAT for Freelancer's

relatively new arrival within the UAE started obviously at the beginning of this year in January 2020. It has far-reaching implications not only for the


generally but specifically for the freelance industry.

Specifically, I'm talking mostly about the freelance community that operates within the events and the production industries within the UAE. So it does raise a reminder of some of the challenges that already exist in the freelance world.

If anything that it does is make the challenges which I'll talk about later but make the challenges that we've already faced within the freelance community.

More obvious more likely to raise their heads and more likely for freelancers to start raising challenges in terms of some fairly basic things like being faced with changes in their visa situation being chipped and faced with and potential changes in their ability to obtain work and which are kind of important things to freelancers.

Why is it that I'm saying that these changes or have always been there or not are becoming more important or does it that I'm talking about let's start off with what I mean by a definition of a freelancer.

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