Do I need a post for small fence extension?

There is a 15 inch gap between my chain link fence and my neighbors fence. I want to block it with a small piece of chain link fence. I can connect one side to my post but I can't attach it to my neighbors post. Do I need to add another post for it to be strong and sturdy? Is there another option? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    First, talk to the neighbor about connecting to his post.  If possible, get his permission in writing. This will protect you and future homeowners (yours and his) from problems associated with this connection. 

    Next, what kind of post is your neighbor's?  If wood, you can use 'U' shaped fence nails to fasten the chain link to the wood post.  If either the neighbor doesn't allow connecting, or the post is of some odd material you cannot connect to, then yes, you will need another post.  

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