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Can I get fined for non essential travel (US to Mexico, or Mexico to US)? ?

I went to Mexico a few days ago and upon returning to the US port of entry to check in with BP, an officer there threatened to fine me $5,000 for non essential travel because she said my trip to Mexico wasn’t essential. 

I could see if the MEXICO border patrol people told me that, but they didn’t. When I was entering Mexico they asked me why I was going in, I said to get medicine and they let me go in. 

I was born in the United States and am a legal resident. My understanding was that if you are a resident of the USA and are coming through the port of entry into the US, you are considered to be essential. 

Is this border patrol person confused or wrong? I thought that the United States was the one saying “only essential travel from Canada and Mexico is allowed”. And that being a resident returning home, I am automatically essential. That’s what it says online on the government websites anyway. 

Why would she say she can fine me $5,000 for traveling to Mexico for a nonessential reason? I didn’t think that the US BP got to decide if I’m allowed to enter Mexico or not. I thought Mexico makes that decision. And they seemed to think getting medicine was just fine. 

I don’t understand. This woman seemed to be pretty angry with me for no reason and threatened to fine me $5,000. Anyone who can explain to me if this is real or not? Or is she wrong?

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