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My hamster 😢💔 plz plz help me!!!?

Hey, I have a fancy bear hamster(Bilbo.) I got him in April so I have only had him for five months. Lately he got very sick. He stoped eat and drinking. He never runs on his wheel. He has a lot (and i mean a lot) of diarrhea. He won’t groom himself. He Rarely comes out of his hut. He is never awake (even at night.) I was very worried about him. So I took him into the vet. The vet said that he had something in him stomach that was infected. He said he couldn’t treat it without cutting him open and seeing what exactly it was. This was a few hundred dollars to do and I love my hamster so much but he is a hamster and I can’t afford to put that kind of money into him. (I know I feel like the worst person in the world!) the vet said that it could possibly go away on its own but he had no idea. We decided to take him back home and try to keep him comfortable. I am in encouraging him to eat his favorite food and treat as well as hand giving him water. I Am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. The main problem I’m having is he is having diarrhea every where. It is sticking to his fur and makes him look really gross and just not himself. He has it on his paws, face, belly, back, ears, armpit, it’s just everywhere! I want to help him groom himself but I don’t know how to do this when you can’t bath them. Any suggestions on him I can keep him clean while he is passing on? I clean his cage weekly and it is still so so bad with him going though this. I need someone to help me plz!


Thx for those who have answered so far. I do have a heating lap that shines on half of his cage to keep him warm and he loves laying under it to stay warm. 

Update 2:

He passed away during the night 💔

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    Maybe search on Google or a search engine how to take care of a sick hamster. Make sure he stays warm, but not really warm, maybe clean out his cage every other day or just more often. You could also get something from the pet store to clean the diarrhea off of him. Maybe get a heater for his cage, but not too hot. Good luck, I hope he gets better! :)

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    I have this and find it useful. You dont use water you just apply and easy wipe off. There is also a smell  good fragrance spray. Found at local walmart or pet store. For further needs. But I'm so sorry to hear that. Sorry for your loss. RIP Bilbo.

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    So sorry to hear that your tiny fur baby passed over the rainbow bridge, it sounds like you did everything you could to help him and make him more comfortable. Run free sweet Bilbo x

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    Well this seems to be worms in the bowels to me. Hamsters often suffer from those. The animal eats half of its droppings as an digesting aid, what it can not do now either. There is good medicine in the pet shop that you forcibly feed them trough pipette. They cure rather well. I wonder what the vets conclusion was based on. When in time and your pet is healed, then reconsider if you are supplying the right food.

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    It's horrible I know but you have to consider the quality of life of your hamster.  If Bilbo is suffering, and to be honest it sounds like he is, you may have to consider euthanasia.  Talk to your vet. If the worst is inevitable then he can make his passing peaceful. i genuinely feel for you. x

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    Pet stores have moist wipes made for pets. I have some for my cats. You could try those. I think you should also thoroughly clean the cage like even 3 times a week, to help keep him clean. Maybe he'd like a heated area? Like either a red reptile light over one area of the cage, or a flat plastic sheet-type reptile heater that you would put underneath one side of the cage. Make sure with your hand that these are not too hot, and be sure he has space to move out of the heat.

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