Need ideas of what to sell at a flea market.?

I've been playing around this in my mind for something to do when I retire in a few years.

I have some items around the house such as clothing dvds and books but am looking for other ideas to have a continuous stock.

I am not much of a cook so food items are out of the question.

I also have tried soap making in the past but was too time consuming.

Some ideas I thought about was selling 


Mary Kate


However, I am not sure if this is allowable by the companies.

Another idea is couponing and selling the products at a little markup.  I got this idea at a recent flea market I went to and several people were doing this making a profit of up to a dollar a product.  My only rule if I did this is to only buy what I use just in case I don't sell out.


Rick great idea.  I think there is a company that sells in bulk.  Olympia sales maybe?

Update 2:

It’s more for something to do for me but something for my daughter to do as well.  She is a functional autistic adult 

While those are mlm they are good products.

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    3 weeks ago
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    The flea market is tough.  You're basically waiting for people to show up and have no idea if they're actually looking for something, or just floating around.  Most people do come with the intention to buy something, and some do come to look for great hidden finds.  And that's the fun of it, for a seller or buyer. You might think about a theme, for example antiques or other collectible things from your area.  Another idea is to have a noticeable clothing rack...a lady at our local flea market did a huge round rack of all white tops for women.  She probably scored most of them for 2-3 bucks each, and then sold them for about 12 a piece.  Since the market was in summer and it was always hot, those tops were popular. Last, you can sell Avon wherever you want, either by purchasing it then selling it, or handing out the avon books at your booth, for orders.  I've seen Avon sold at flea markets and things like bug repellent and sunscreen always sell.  

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    Do a bit of research.

    See what you can buy in bulk (as Rick suggested). Go to the local flea market and see what they do not have.

    Them decide on a couple of items that you want to sell.

    Good luck

  • Mark
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    3 weeks ago

    First don't do MLMs, they are vultures and you'll spend a lot of $$ on product.

    Have you gone to flea markets to see what's selling?  One thing that sells well at our craft markets is microwave cozy's.  They sell quickly and are cheap to make (requires sewing).

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    3 weeks ago

    Why on earth would you retire from a decent paying job for a job that will pay you less than minimum wage?

    If you're doing it for fun, then sell what you want.   It doesn't matter if you make money because you don't need it.

    If you need money, this is not the way to do it.

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  • Rick
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    3 weeks ago

    something that is normally sold in larger sizes or quantities that you could buy and re-sell in smaller sizes ??

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