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What happens if you go into a Costco without a membership card?

I’m talking about if I were to go Costco without a membership card and I got stopped at the entrance, couldn’t I just go past the greeter anyways. Nobody at Costco is physically capable of stopping me from entering the store. The greeter is not a wall, so what’s stopping me from going in the store? Will they call the police or have a security guard physically carry me out the store? 

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    They require a membership card before they begin scanning purchases. This is not something the cashier can just override, the cash register is programmed to not even start a transaction until they have scanned a membership card.

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    You can tell them you don't have a can buy alcohol (certain states), get an eye exam, eat at the food court, buy gas, and fill prescriptions at the pharmacy without a membership.

  • 3 weeks ago

    My guess is that they will ask you to leave.

    Remember, if you are asked to leave a premises and do not, you are trespassing and could be arrested.

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