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Difference between dance teacher, dance instructor, and dance choreographer?

So... I taught at a summer intensive one summer, it was paid. I taught the students a part of a hip hop choreography each week.


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    I'm going to disagree with some of the others. Yes, there are choreographers who just create the moves, but they certainly started out teaching. Take Travis Wall- he was a dancer who competed on So You Think You Can Dance (2nd place, I think). Now he's a choreographer who creates dances for the show, and teaches them to the contestants. 

    If you are figuring out what to put on your resume, put both instructor and choreographer if you were the one who came up with the hip hop routines. 

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    As Mintchips says.

    However,  It does surprise me that you could get as far as teaching at a summer intensive without knowing all of this.   Surely you have some qualifications in order to have done this and been paid.   As for adding the 'Well?' on the end of the end of the question....  Well !!!!  

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    Dance is a form of art which includes a selected sequence of movements of body parts. Some archaeologist believes this art tradition can be traced back to as old as 3300 B.C.

    And just as we need a school teacher to teach us the alphabet, we need a tutor to teach us how to dance. Let us take a closer look at what is the main difference between the terms: dance teacher, dance instructor and dance choreographer.

    Dance Teacher:

    A dance teacher is someone who has taken formal education in dance from a dance school or college. They are usually more interested in the history, philosophy and culture of dance.

    For example, a dance teacher can help me understand which dance form originated from which part of the world. She can also be a great teacher in explaining to us the significance of that particular dance form.

    Dance Instructor:

    If you ask me, anyone can become a dance instructor. He/She is someone who has learned dance from a dance studio, have exceptional learning capabilities and can relay the knowledge to others quite smoothly.

    For example, you might be having a local instructor in your area who teaches dance to students, without having a formal knowledge of dance learnt from a school or college. He/She is known as a dance instructor.

    Dance Choreographer:

    A dance choreographer is someone who creates compositions, plans and arranges dance movements and patterns for a single individual or group of dancers to dance.

    For example, just the way we have a movie director who is head in charge of the movie, similarly, a dance choreographer is the one who is in charge of all the entire dancing act as a whole.

    I hope this answer gave you clarity in understanding the core differences between a dance teacher, dance instructor and dance choreographer.

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    A dance teacher and a dance instructor teach dance technique. The title is interchangeable.  A choreographer creates and teaches a dance routine usually for a performance of some kind. Choreographers generally don’t teach dance technique.

    *Note: this is not to say a dance teacher/instructor can’t create choreography for the students to learn and apply the techniques learned to said choreography. 

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional dancer and professional choreographer. She has never taught anyone dance technique.
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    No. You're not. You don't sound well at all. See a psychiatrist immediately. Two, just to make sure.

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    Teacher and instructor are the same thing. Choreographers don't teach people to dance, they come up with the moves.

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