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How do we really know that there are 200,000 deaths in the US due to COVID?

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    Because the fake media says so.

    Actually, there's no way of knowing, since the reported figures come from cases where death is caused by other factors.

    It was determined by two autopsies that George Floyd died from asphyxiation - one blamed intentional choking by Derek Chauvin and the other pointed out a drug-related reaction when he struggled with officers. This gives you a bearing on how biased official reporting can be.

    Added to Floyd's autopsy was COVID. While this wasn't blamed as the specific cause of death, it still added to the total number of cases of it.

    This is the kind of thing that keeps the numbers high - false reporting.

    And based on the theory of "Falsus in Uno, falsus in omnibus" (false in one thing, false in everything) , if they're lying about one thing, then their credibility for ANY of it is ZERO.

    The 200,000 "deaths" are directly linked to the deaths that are normal for the cold and flu season - it's approximately the same number of deaths that statistically are to be expected.

    Because of this "new virus", the cold and flu season (which has been tracked for over a hundred years) is suddenly experiencing the lowest number of cases in history.

    Add that to the timing of it - right on the heels of a failed impeachment, which followed a failed Russia collusion scandal, just in time to damage a healthy economy by imposing lockdowns and social distancing prior to the November election.

    This is too much of a coincidence to have "just happened" or "bad timing". This has all been engineered by a political party that has been trying to overthrow the Trump administration since the day he took office.

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    The latest reports from the WHO say that these are probably gross underestimations, so the number is likely much higher.

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    cause the cdc is keeping track of it

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    3 weeks ago

    Hospitals report the deaths to the CDC, which Trump has tried (but failed) to discredit. 

    If you really think that it's all fakery,  you should leave this website and join up with Qassnon.

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    Hospitals report deaths along with COVID testing results on those who died. There's a billing code for those with COVID. Hospitals would be committing fraud if they fraudulently make up numbers. 

    If you and your paranoid friends don't believe it then you might as well believe we didn't land on the moon and every other paranoid conspiracy. 

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    There are as many as required to continue to instill panic in the populace, and exert draconian controls over them. 

    Every nation is manipulating their numbers to some extent. The US being the only one with a political and financial incentive to "over" estimate. Al others are under estimating, via poor tabulation or willful manipulation. 

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    3 weeks ago

    Because the CDC says that there are.

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    3 weeks ago

    You don’t have to believe Americans if you don’t want to.

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