Whats the name of this manga?

Its a current webcomic/manga.

Its about a teenager that is following this woman's footsteps.

The woman was from the future and came to the past to stop the destruction of the world or something.

She chose several people to give power.

On the way, she took care of a boy that she found. According to the future he was gng to turn out evil but she taught him to be good.

Then she died.

The boy grew up and got her weapon (a scythe) and tracked down the chosen ones because they had become corrupt. 

His general goal is to stop the future that his friend (the woman) was trying to stop.

He does this by killing monsters amd leveling up.

One Chosen is a sniper of some sort. I think he was blind as well.

Another was a woman that pretended to be a healer but in reality was using bugs to heal as well as control her followers.

There were bad guys that worked towards releasing these monsters. The monsters were what ended the world.

The teen boy was supposed to grow up to be the leader of these bad guys.

The teenager himself saved a girl from dying by turning her into a zombie.

It was all colored.

The boy had blackish blue hair.

The woman from the future was Caucasian with long hair.

The sniper wore black i think.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Its "Warble" for anyone looking.

    Just found it.

    Source(s): Its on toomics
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