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What kind of solutions would you offer to a struggling corporate chaffeur business during COVID pandemic with no certain return?

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    Expand your operations to an area where there is a need. Many people have been stuck at home for months on end and would love a night out. Perhaps to celebrate a wedding anniversary or just to get out.

    Use the cars & drivers you already have and put together package deals geared for a date night for couples or tour packages for families.

    A driver can pick up the couple at home and drive them around town to do sightseeing from the safety of the vehicle. Strike up a partnership with some local restaurants and set it up so the customer can have you stop to order takeout and eat it in the car. Plan a few route options such as a scenic drive through the countryside, a route through a nearby city or perhaps a stop at a park or lake where the customer can get out and go for a short walk while keeping a safe social distance from other people.

    Basically, offer a turn-key date package so that all someone has to do is book a reservation.

    I'm sure plenty of people would pay ~ $150 for a 2 hour tour. Offer add-ons such as additional hour for $50, a bottle of wine or champagne to enjoy (if your license and local laws allow you to do this), snacks or other extras on board, etc.

    With Halloween coming up see if there are any haunted houses going on in your area and set up a VIP package where admission to the haunted house is included in your fee and arrange it with the haunted house so that your customers get to skip the line and go right in when they arrive.

    Basically just figure out what kind of date-night activities people can still do and put together packages where you arrange everything and have your car & driver do all the transportation for them.

  • Amy
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    4 weeks ago

    Use your vehicle fleet to make deliveries, a business that has greatly increased during the pandemic.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I have little hope of success for a businessperson who can't even spell the kind of business they run. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Solutions? Find another job.

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