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Why has my weight loss stopped?

I've been dieting for about a week now. In 5 days, I lost 5 pounds, but maybe it was just water weight. I was eating around 1500 calories of healthy food, and burning at least 450 extra per day through exercise. Last night, I didn't eat as healthy as I normally do after dinner and it didn't even make a difference. I'm still the same weight. I'm still trying to eat around 1500 calories, but why am I stuck at 125 lbs???? I feel like if I go any lower that will be dangerous since I'm an athlete, but I am eating pretty healthy? Will it just take a while and should I just stick with it??? At least I'm not gaining, but I'm terrified of going right up to where I started, and it frustrates me that I can't lose weight!!!

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    Five pounds in a week is mostly water and waste, not fat.  If you WANT to lose a few more pounds of FAT, then continue in a calorie deficit.  Healthy choices are important, but your definition of healthy may not be as healthy as you think and you still must be in a calorie deficit. Be aware of grams of sugar in any food. Things like dried fruit, fruit yogurt, smoothies, and fruit juice are often higher in sugar than desserts.

    I'd suggest you keep on eating in your new way, but try to eat 2/3 of your calories in the first half of the day rather than eat super light and then have a 700 calorie dinner (if you've been doing that).  If you consume 1500 calories and burn 2000 calories a day total, you will lose a pound of fat a week.  By early November you should be down a good 5 pounds of fat, which should be noticeable.  

    I would also suggest that you weight and measure your portions.  Most people underestimate their portions compared to actual serving sizes.  Using a food scale and or measuring cups is a great way to make sure you are counting your calories accurately.

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    ever check iodine levels ? they can interfere with weight gain or loss. check your iodine levels ? 120mcg is the daily minimum and 1,200mcg is the max you want to be closer to the max than minimum, like near 1,000mcg AND kelp pills can do that if you feel comfortable taking them......I've taken both, the liquid and the pill type, either one works, carefully read the label ask the clerk how if you don't know how

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    at cant and shouldnt lose anymore weight

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    they're called plateaus. ties during dieting when you don't gain or lose weight. just stay the course.

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    It platues out for a few months and slowly goes down 

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