I’m in a huge bind and need advice ?

I got a job offer out of state 30 hours from where I currently live. They want me to start October 19th which is really pushing it for me but I agreed. I found an apartment but they will not rent to me without proof of income via my new job. I put a deposit down but have yet to receive an offer letter from the job. I was informed by HR I’ll have to wait until mid next week to receive my offer letter. This gives me less then 2 weeks to pack, find a mover and everything. I don’t even know if I’ll be approved for the apartment. I’m not going to put deposits down on movers etc without an offer letter IN HAND. I asked the hiring manager to give me an extra week but he refused and told me he needed someone no later then the 19th. What should I do? I think what he’s asking of me is almost impossible without an offer letter and the fact it’s going to take until next Wednesday. What does everyone think? 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You tell them that you can't start less than two weeks after getting an offer letter, so if they want you to start October 19, then they need to get you the offer letter by October 5, and if they can't do that and won't extend the start date, then you can't take the job.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You should arrange for a residential hotel at the new place until you can get all the paperwork you need to rent.  This will cost you , but it will be your best bet. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Here are your options:

    1. Decline the offer.  If they really want you and it is worthwhile to move, the company can certainly work with you to provide the offer letter in minutes and also make some accommodation for moving.  If they won't do this when they are wooing you, how do you think the treat their employees?

    2. Accept that you are taking a risk and go ahead and book the movers.

    3. Move to a hotel and try out the job for a couple of weeks.  If things seem good, you'll then have plenty of time to arrange for movers and get your apartment. 

    it seems like you aren't comfortable standing up for yourself.  You should tell HR that your start date will be a minimum of two weeks from when you receive your offer letter.  If they can't produce one today, then your start date has to slip.  

  • Tavy
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    4 weeks ago

    You move into a motel.


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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If lack of an offer letter makes starting your job on 10/19 impossible, why did you agree to start on 10/19 without an offer letter?

    When negotiating for a job you need to figure out what your deal-breakers are and then act accordingly.   Requiring the offer in writing before accepting is not exactly unusual.

    As far as the problem you've created for yourself goes...put the stuff in a moving truck, drive to your new location, get a storage unit and check into an Extended Stay hotel with a kitchenette in your room.   Doesn't sound too "impossible" to me.   People do it every day.


    ETA:   Alex gave bad advice IMO.   You already had your opportunity to negotiate.   You've already come to an agreement with the company.   You can't go back and change the terms now.    I mean you can try, but it screams "Solve my problems for me" - not exactly how I would want to start a new job.   

    Just curious...how old are you?

  • I smell bull $#it on their part.  they made u an offer but wont put it in writing?!?  sounds fishy as phuq to me

  • 4 weeks ago

    you just need a note from your new job saying how much money you will be making...that usually satifies apartments...but i did the same thing once..i moved across country stayed in a weekly motel for 1 week and found an apartment really fast..it ended up working out til i got fired 3 months later

  • Alex
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    4 weeks ago

    I would write a carefully crafted email to the HR person, explaining the time tables that you have for getting your apartment.  Inform them that you need an offer letter 3-4 weeks a head of your anticipated start date in order to secure living arrangements, that you either need the offer letter sooner, or need to push the start date back by a couple of weeks. 

    This is not an unreasonable request.  Companies I have worked for (including my current company), will frequently extend offers to people 3-6 months out from their start date.

    If they are unable/unwilling to do this for you, then consider this a huge red flag that they are shady at best or dishonest at worst, that they are stringing you along and may not come through with the offer at all.  And if I found myself in that situation, I would probably reject the 'offer' entirely.

  • 4 weeks ago

    We don't know how old you are.

    Unless you have a children or some other significant commitment, how can starting a new job in over 2 full weeks be unachievable, unless it's physically on the other side of the world and you can't get legal paperwork done fast enough.

    They aren't asking you to rent an apartment and have it ready before you move.  That's a requirement that you made.  I wouldn't make the same decision. 

    With 2+ weeks, I'd plan to rent an airbnb/extended stay hotel.  Then when you are in the community, you can spend time really evaluating what areas you want to live in and the house that you are renting.  If your job starts 10/19, I'd make a deadline that I needed to be in the new place Dec 1. 

    - It may be better to rent the temp place by the week or the discount for a full month stay may be worth it to do that upfront.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    How about staying in an extended stay motel until you get settled and put your stuff in storage.

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