can you redeem your apple itune card into cash?

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    OFFICIALLY?  NO...  Under the Terms & Conditions of many prepaid gift cards (including Apple's iTunes cards), you are not permitted to "cash out" those cards or the unused funds in your account in most locations.  In places that do have laws that allow you to "cash out" the unused funds, such laws typically have a stipulation that the company that's in custody of those funds can just placed those unused funds onto an effectively blank gift card & send it to you to utilize however you like.

    UNOFFICIALLY? You can through the secondary markets.  There are public (3rd party) gift card exchanges where users can buy, sell & trade unused & unwanted gift cards for cash OR for more desired gift cards.  Please be aware that users of such services are not expected to get their full face value of the gift gards.  Depending on the business, you can get anywhere between 50% - 99.5% of the card's value.

    Upon quick review of such sites, Apple's iTunes cards tend to go for 99.5% of it's value (meaning a $100 iTunes card sells for $99.50).  HOWEVER, you are subject to the rules & regulations of the exchange sites (like guaranteeing that the card you're selling is unused).

  • 3 weeks ago

    There are lots of websites where you can resell gift cards, or trade them for another.

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