Do people even think before they make a phone call to a company?

Yes, this may seem like a bit of a rant question but I'm going to ask it anyway.  I work for a patience assistance program for a medical company and we provide insulin free to patients who qualify for it.  Apparently, the company I work for has their hands in a number of products, primarily OTC medications and things.  I just received a call from a woman who stated that she had some throat lozenges that she's had for a while and she didn't know nor could she find the expiration date on them.  And she was wondering if we could help her out.  I mean seriously, throat lozenges?  You called the parent compasny to find the expiration date on them.  She said that she had had them a while and was unsure.  I informed her that if she was unsure about them to just throw them away and purchase more.  How much could a bag of throat lozenges cost, $2?  We apparently also have our hand in Gold Bond foot powder and we'll often get calls from guys about that.  Those are OTC items and do not require a call to the mfg just to find out the exp. date on them.  No, I'm not a money bags myself but if I was unsure about a bag of throat lozenges I found in the back of my cabinet I'd just throw them away and go buy a new bag.  I'm not going to waste my time Googling the mfg to find a customer service number to call about that.  Do people not think when they do stuff like this?  I guess people just have that much time on their hands.


Hey Anonymous, I wasn't dissing her nor was I calling her stupid, you did.  I'm merely stating that before you go through the trouble of googling a phone number use some common sense.  And no, we don't handle the lozenges here so I have zero info on them.  I would understand her more if she paid $50 for a bag of them but they are probably at most $2.  Not worth a phone call.

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    A PATIENCE ASSISTANT PROGRAM?  You help impatient people?  Or do you mean patients and can't spell it?  And you wonder why management gives you problems?

    You bring all new focus to the word "assist."

    Maybe she doesn't have the $2.  Maybe she's elderly and confused.  Maybe you just gave so much information that your employer is VERY easy to locate.  I work as PATIENT ADVOCATE, and I believe I know EXACTLY who employs you based on the Gold Bond and "free insulin" comments.  How very foolish of you.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    The FDA does not require an expiration date on throat lozenges.   The correct answer to the customer's question is that the product does not "expire".   Any date on lozenge packaging is purely voluntary and has nothing to do with product safety.

    Before you start dissing other people for being stupid, at least make sure you're giving out correct information.  You had a golden opportunity to educate the caller, put her at ease, save her money and build loyalty for the brand and your employer.   But you failed.  

    "Patience assistance"?    You are the one who needs some assistance with your patience.   And some additional training.   You clearly do not understand the products you sell, nor do you understand the purpose of your job. 

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