Which is the best gaming pc 2020?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Best gaming pc HP....

  • A.J.
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    3 weeks ago

    Not really such a thing. In gaming PCs, you can always spend more money and create a better gaming PC. I advised people on here around the world about choosing parts and evaluating one versus another bought retail and about upgrades and buying pcs to upgrade. It is a skill and large subject to get into. 

    You need to name your location for shopping, your budget, whether you wish to build one or buy custom or some online retail store choices, and your preferences about cost weighting for performance, reliability, ease of upgrade, and physical size and internal and external appearance.

    In standard gaming, the graphics card is most important, but that doesn't mean nothing else counts. Compatibility of parts is crucial in building your own.

    This page:


    Pull-down for Desktop cards, can select games, RESTRICT to refresh.

    This site is excellent also:


    And this:


    There are more. Provide more information and I can help if I see the question, or edit and thumbs-up to catch my attention.

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