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Are my parents correct that I am wrong to take medication for anxiety disorders ?

They say medicine is bad and will give me heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimers. My Dad is especially offended I would take medicine. 

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    It's not up to your parents, and they are wrong: these medications do not cause heart disease or Alzheimer's.

    Drugs like this can be helpful in the short term, but they do carry the risk of addiction and dependency.  You need to work with a therapist on learning to manage your anxiety without them. In the meantime, though, ignore your parents. It's not up to them to decide what medication you should take. It's up to you and your doctor.

    Just refuse to discuss it with them.

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    Maybe you doctor should talk to your parents. The tiny is if you're over 18-years-old, your parents have no say in this.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    CBT is supposed to be good for anxiety. As far as drugs go, I like passionflower, and theanine, and chamomile... there are a few others I use in place of medication since there are fewer side effects, but you're still not supposed to take them all day for weeks on end, so I swap them out.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Meanwhile my parents listen to psychologists and encourage/force me to take anti depressants I now have to take for life

    Went off them a year ago and became suicidal 

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    If indeed these medications did lead to a heart attack, a stroke or Alzheimer's Disease, wouldn't it say that on the prescription information sheet you received with your medication?  Hell, yes it would!  But it doesn't!

    However, telling someone falsely that taking their necessary medication will lead to a heart attack, a stroke or Alzheimer's Disease is probably the surest way to alarm someone and make them even more anxious about the medication their doctor says they need to take. 

    CONGRATULATIONS....your parents are probably the cause of your having to take antianxiety medications.  Talk about toxic parents!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I totally agree with your father and I've done a lot of research on psychiatric drugs over the years because they did me a lot of damage and I was forced to learn about them. I haven't taken them for a few years now and I will never take them again. they changed my life because they really ruined my health in ways that I can't even go into. It would take too long. Psychiatric drugs used for anxiety such as antidepressants, benzos, etc. are pretty dangerous. and some classes of drugs that are prescribed by psychiatrists for anxiety are prescribed "off label"...which should be illegal and I would imagine that in countries other than the United States it probably other words the drugs were not designed for anxiety in the first place but  are being prescribed for it anyway...'off label'  and sometimes even antipsychotic drugs are used for that , which is ridiculous and extremely dangerous  But ALL classes of psychiatric drugs are dangerous. I know because I've taken most of them. I told my own son I never wanted him to take psychiatric drugs in his life, ever, because of the damage they did to me which he himself witnessed when he was growing up.You'd be better off doing yoga or meditation or plain old Western exercise or just about anything else to quell your anxiety. I do transcendental meditation and it really helps a lot. I have high "trait anxiety"and  have had it most of my life. Probably on the high end of the autistic spectrum and people on the spectrum often get misdiagnosed with other psychiatric conditions which they don't even have and then given drugs for those conditions which probably do more damage to the autistic person than to the average person because the brains and bodies of autistic spectrum people often react more dramatically to such drugs. In a bad way.. I believe that's what happened to me. but these drugs are dangerous for everybody regardless of whether they are on the autistic spectrum or not and I know other people personally whose lives have been destroyed by them. I'm sorry to say. So lately I try to get back into meditating everyday day... once in the morning for up to an hour and once in the evening if possible. I learned transcendental meditation in high school many decades ago when it was less expensive to take the course... $75 and now it's well over a thousand as far as I know. which is really criminal if you ask me and the reasons for that really don't make sense but I don't want to go into them right now.But you don't have to go to a certified TM teacher to learn it. It's just a 'mantra' meditation and you can even Google that and learn how to do it yourself. It's not that difficult,  it just takes practice to get better at it. Studies have shown that it works better for anxiety than psychiatric drugs and it's infinitely safer. besides quelling anxiety it helps with your memory, concentration, anger issues which often go along with anxiety, increases gray matter in the brain etc... can even help with chronic illnesses. It does a lot of things.Just helps take you out of that primitive "fight, flight or freeze"mode . . In some cultures and belief systems its the core healing modality.  Should be in ours also.Instead of taking prescription drugs and so on. Even if they know about it most psychiatrists will not tell you to practice meditation because they make a living by prescribing psychiatric drugs to people and that's the bottom line. They don't care if they destroy your brain/body health even though there are safer alternatives, they just care about putting money in their bank accounts. Most psychiatrists or psychiatric drug prescribers would never consider taking the drugs they prescribe to their patients or giving them to people in their own families. Because they know how dangerous they are. If I was you I would stay far away from them. As I said, I have direct experience with the damage that these drugs are capable of and unlike many of the other people on here who may not have personal experience with them or maybe took them once or twice or very sporadically and were lucky enough to dodge the bullet of psychiatric drug damage, I totally agree with your father and I think he's being a good father. I really do. and I know it's not easy to be good father and we make a lot of mistakes as I have... being one myself. but in this case I think your father's really giving you great advice. Sincerely. And I wish you well. If you want to do further research go on websites like "" ... he's a psychiatrist himself who is totally against psychiatric drugs and explains why and he's an expert on them. He  and his colleagues have also worked with patients without using any drugs whatsoever and these people were considered to have mental health issues which they would never be cured of  and he and his colleagues helped these people overcome these issues just by being compassionate and spending time with them and not using any drugs whatsoever.. This guy has testified in high-profile court cases in which psychiatric drugs played a part. He knows more about the subject than a lot of people.Or "mad in"  or similar websites. those are the places where you will find the truth about these drugs, since they are not websites set up by pharmaceutical companies or doctors who profit from prescribing these drugs. So be careful of the sources you go to so you get the right information. and tell your father that somebody on Yahoo answers said they admire him for trying to protect you. Peace. And don't forget that there are many alternatives to drug or even talk therapy. The ones I have mentioned as well as many others. Hypnotherapy, music therapy, art therapy, biofeedback. ..there are a whole bunch. this summer I did a lot of swimming which helped me immensely and also rollerblading which really helped me out a lot..And even if you had to pay a little bit of extra money to access alternative therapies it  would be worth it. Because you only get one brain and one body. There are a lot of times I would tell my son not to listen to me because there are a lot of things I don't know, but in this case I would always tell him not to take these drugs. And once again, I admire your father for trying to do the same with you.

  • Tavy
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    1 month ago

    Are you old enough to investigate this yourself ! Or is your Dad always right?

  • 1 month ago

    Bet your dad doesn't wear a mask either.  He sound like someone who knows better than the science what's right.

    As you've not said what meds they are we can't list the side effects that might be possible.  I suggest you look up the med on and read what the side effects are.  Then decide for yourself if being able to relax and calm down are worth the risks.

  • El
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    1 month ago

    That's very difficult to say without knowing your condition.

    There's lots of different medications used to treat anxiety. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are usually the first line of treatment, and that includes things like Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Sertraline (Zoloft). SSRIs have few documented long-term effects, short term side effects can include loss of libido, weight gain and temporary worsening of depression. If SSRIs don't work the second line of treatment is usually tricyclic and tetracyclic anti-depressants like Amytriptiline and Mirtazipine, these have similar effects.

    There's a group of medicines called benzodiazepines, these used to be used frequently for anxiety and are associated with increased risk of dementia and the other things you mentioned. These include things like Valium and Xanax. I'd be surprised if you'd been given one of these as a first treatment for anxiety.

    In judging whether your parents are correct or not, you'd need to know if they know anything about the actual medication you're taking and aren't confusing it (along with it's side effects) for something else.

    Also, with most things in medicine, it's about weighing things up. Is your anxiety so bad it's causing you significant distress? Is it preventing you from doing the things you want/need to do? If so, then it's probably a good idea to at least try the medicine... If not, maybe just try some counselling.

    Also, to the poster below: I sincerely hope that you are in fact a mental health professional or at the very least have put in several hours of research and are not just yet another ignorant, poorly informed, jumped-up narcissist thinking they're somehow qualified to judge and shame others over something that they know absolutely nothing about. Judging from the fact you think it's 'fashionable' to have a mental health problem though, I'm guessing you're the latter.

  • Marty
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    1 month ago

    Stress and anxiety seem to be fashionable these days and are being overly diagnosed. Drugs of any type can cause problems with ones health, even if taken as prescribed. Anxiety seems to just be an excuse to not do things a person should be doing, like a way to not work. A person should learn to control their emotions. 

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