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Should I be alarmed at my Apple Watch reading?

I was doing a home workout, and I glanced at my Apple Watch to see my heart rate at 206. In years of working out with this thing on, the highest I have ever seen is about 190. At 190, I felt extremely overexerted beyond my normal 170ish peaks. During the workout, I definitely felt like I was pushing, but certainly nothing close to where I peak. When I saw the heart rate, I panicked, ripped my watch off, ran downstairs, sat on the couch, and within 30 seconds to a minute it was down to 150.

Several years ago, when anxiety presented with palpitations and dizziness, I got every test under the sun. Halter monitor at home, echocardiogram, MRA, EKG, stress test. Everything then was fine. I was told I had mild PACs/PVCs and encouraged to exercise. I am still young. Under current circumstances, is it safe for me to ignore it as a likely abnormality on the watch and move on? I suspect if I actually got to my highest recorded heart rate in my adult life, higher than any workout, vicious panic attack, or vicious panic attack during a workout, I wouldn't have had to check, right?

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    A heart rate of 206 is normal.  Just drink water.

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    i would suspect the watch first. You would know it if your heart rate was 206. and you can count your own pulse manually as well in this situation. if it happens again and you count that high as well, then yes, you need to be evaluated

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    You'd definitely feel it if that was yput actual heart rate. Much more likely to have been a watch glitch

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    Go see a doctor and pronto!

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