How long is too long to sit sleep in a running car?

I’ll be doing some traveling the next few days and I plan on taking periods of time to sleep in my car. As the weather is getting a little chilly I may cut the heat on. I just need to know if it’s safe. How long can I sleep in a running car without getting carbon monoxide poisoning? 

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  • Bec
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    4 months ago

    No idea on the carbon monoxide risk - but be aware that if they keys are in the ignition you may be seen to be in control of the vehicle and not in a fit state to drive.

    You must also be sure you are parked up in a suitable location etc.

    I'd go with blankets more so than relying on heating.

    Certainly in the UK, people have been charged with intent to drink drive when sleeping off drinks in their car - safest way is to have the keys in the glove box and be in the back seat - it shows you are trying not to be "in charge" as such.

  • 4 months ago

    With cars made in the last decade, most carbon monoxide is eliminated by the catalytic converter and whats left goes out the tailpipe.   As long as the exhaust system does not have any leaks and there's wind blowing the exhaust away from your car, you won't get exposed to carbon monoxide. If there's no wind at all or if the wind is blowing the wrong direction there is a small chance of getting  poisoned.  There is no specific amount of time since it depends on the wind and the condition of your car.   The best thing to do is get the car nice and hot, bundle up in something warm, and turn the car off for your nap. 

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