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What do you think of girls playing with car toys?  ?

I have two younger brothers and they had a lot of those little hot wheels cars and man I would play with those things for HOURS. But I still turned out really girly and feminine 

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    There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m a girl and I loved hot wheels when I was 5-6 years old.

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    My toy car is a Jaguar F-Type S and I do play with it more than is healthy. But hey, it's electronically limited to 180mph.

  • Elana
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    There is some evidence to support theories that the reason that boys (at least initially) test better on the technical aspects of driving (able to dodge, maintain exact speeds, keep in driving tracks, three point turns etc) is that they have more practice maneuvering because of the toys they played with as kids.

    As I have frequently written before, this does NOT mean that they are over-all better drivers, as driving on real roads under real circumstances requires real, adult judgement, not just precision.

    Women, particularly younger women, generally have better JUDGEMENT than younger men - and that tends to keep them out of high dollar accidents. This is why insurance companies (at least initially) charge them less.Women get into more "fender benders", accidents that cost insurance companies under $5000 to resolve and nobody is injured.Men, on the other hand, are more likely to drive 90mph on the sidewalk through a gaggle of nuns while drunk.Now, it is true that if you HAD to drive through a gaggle of nuns on a sidewalk at 90mph while drunk, you're probably better off having a guy doing it. He is (slightly) more likely to pull it off without anybody getting hurt and no damage.But in all likelihood, massive damage WILL be done and lots of people will get hurt.The better part of judgement would be to not try.Most women seem to know that.  It seems that fewer guys got that memo.

    That being said, if girls played with toy cars more, they might gain the precision that boys seem to get, but they might also get the air of indestructibility that comes along with crashing and surviving heinous accidents with toys.

    We have nothing resembling proof that boys' technical skills come from playing with toys (vs. just better spacial awareness), nor do we have any proof that throwing your Tonka truck out of a tree and playing with it 5 minutes later makes you think that cars (and people) are indestructible.  Perhaps having girls play with toys might tell us that.

    Not sure I want to get into the business of making either boys or girls play with toys they don't want to play with.

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    why not girls grow up and drive cars too you know

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    I have no opinion on this except to say that girls who have brothers usually end up playing with a lot of "boy" toys (and vice versa). But most parents don't have the goal of making sure their girls end up "girly and feminine". Most just want their daughters to be happy and to do well academically. 

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    I'm the only girl in my family and have 6 older brothers so I played with a lot of "boy's toys" when I was growing up. It influenced me to have an eclectic range of interests which include sports and more traditionally feminine hobbies. So no I don't think it's a bad thing at all.

  • No problem there. Many women take an interest in cars and motorcycles,  myself included, and remember this is 2020, not 1920 when girls should only be interested in cooking and looking after babies. That's something I like too, but it doesn't define me as a woman. 

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    Because toys are not gender specific, they're just toys. But society over the years has decided that certain toys belong to boys and certain toys belong to girls. Children should be allowed to be children and play with whatever toys they want to. (obviously toys appropriate for the age and development of said child) 

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    It's a bit off, You might be a tom boy.

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    Just let kids be kids. It’s like sometimes boys might play with dolls. Who really cares 

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