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Where to find an apartment unit for sale in my area?

I know in some areas people are able to buy an apartment unit (not the whole building).

I figure it should be cheaper than a house, but at least if I am paying to live somewhere, Id have more rights than a renter normally does.

I think its called a freehold?


I am in the US.  Not the UK.

I was hoping to find listings and cut out the middleman.   Realtors often want to show the most expensive places instead of the ones that actually fit your needs

Update 2:

No, I am NOT talking about a condo.  Im talking about buying the rights to an individual apartment unit.

Update 3:

No I am NOT talking about a condo.  I am talking about an APARTMENT

And freeholds/leaseholds ARE done in the US.

Update 4:

A condo isnt the same thing as an apartment.   Condos are generally much bigger and have similar footage as a house

An apartment is a unit inside a building.

Update 5:

Im wanting to leasehold an APARTMENT.

A smaller unit inside of a building

Condos are much bigger than an apartment but damn near the same size as a house

Update 6:

I dont want a house.

I want an apartment..

Kinda like what they lived in on the Friends episodes..  Except they are smaller here and not as fancy

Update 7:

Condos are too big.

Im talking about an APARTMENT.

Like you enter a building, and there are hallways with doors leading to separate, smaller units.

Update 8:

Condos are like a row of houses that are all attached to each other

Update 9:

Townhomes have an upstairs and basement.  Condos are one floor.

Condos arent apartments.   Apartments are much smaller than a condo and not as fancy

Update 10:

No I dont want a high rise.  I want an APARTMENT.   Like what people RENT..  except I want a leasehold on it

Update 11:

I do NOT want a condo

I do NOT want a townhouse

I do NOT want a high rise.

An apartment.   Like the smaller, less fancy units that people normally RENT.

Update 12:

I dont know if leasehold or freehold is the right term.   I want to buy an apartment unit tho so I have more rights than a renter..  Like I can do updates and changes if I want.

Update 13:

This is a condo...  I DO NOT WANT THIS They are like houses but multiple units together.   You can see two garages on one side, theres likely another set of garages on the other side.

Update 14:

Ok.. Where can I find a CO-OP APARTMENT?

Update 15:

I live in the US.

Certainly there is a place where co ops/leaseholds are listed?

Like zillow..  But not for houses or condos..  Apartments only

Update 16:


And I know what I want exists..  They do it in the UK and New York often.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    That dioes not exist in most of the US. There are some in big cities like NYC but even then they are not very common.  You are not likely to find one except in major metro areas. 

    "Condos are much bigger than an apartment but damn near the same size as a house" Wrong. The term condo has nothing what so ever to do with the size of the unit. There are plenty of small condos. 

    "Certainly there is a place where co ops/leaseholds are listed?" No not really. I have never heard of any such specitaly website.  All uou can do is google co-op apartment sales.

    You would not have many more rights than a renter. There will still be rules you have to follow. You still cannot do what ever you want to or in your unit. 

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    4 weeks ago

    All your added edits and you failed to mention exactly where you live 😉

    What state ?

    Here in the Tri state area you can buy an  individual apartment.

  • 4 weeks ago

    condos are NOT row houses.

    Townhouses are row houses.

    Condos are like apartments where you there is an hallway off of an elevator or staircase.  Condos can come in all different sizes but they are generally a basic 2 bedroom / 2 bath.  Like the Palms Place in Vegas those are condos.  When the owners are not using them, they are rented as hotel suites.

    Besides NYC, I've never heard of any place in the US that apartments are individually owned.

    Friends is co-op space, not condos or townhouses.  The only place I know that has co-op living spaces is NYC also.

    You are all about assumptions:

    - realtors want to sell a house that will close.  They don't want to waste time on what that won't.  If it's the cheapest house in the neighborhood and it's a quick sale, they will be down for it.  If it's the cheapest in the neighborhood, they have others more expensive that are easier to deal with, they don't want to deal with that one.

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