What are my options for making a story?

I'm kind of a storyteller and have a lot of good story ideas but I'm having trouble finding to bring them out into the world. For one thing, going to Hollywood and working as a writer sounds like Hell considering their working conditions and hours and I don't want my career to you know kill me or make me miserable. I was thinking webcomics but I have no artists or a writing team ( kinda want a flow of ideas in case I run out ) or a good platform to host them and make money. I thought LINE webtoon but if i don't think I could produce a chapter every week if I became an original and have very few other platforms that are clear about how they pay creators. I also thought about independent studios but it's so hard to find info about them and I don't know how they would read my script if I have no experience and I won't have experience until a bring a story out. I thought selling a script or having a traditional publisher publish a comic but apparently you need an agent for. Does anyone have any options, any ideas, for bringing my stories into the world ( also I kinda want my stories to be animated if we're going the film or tv route )? 

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  • Marli
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    3 weeks ago

    This sentence caught my attention: "I thought LINE webtoon but if i don't think I could produce a chapter every week if I became an original and have very few other platforms that are clear about how they pay creators."

    You need to learn how to write standard business English; but my point is discipline. When you are a writer, you must "produce a chapter every week" if you have a contract to provide it - and even when you don't.  Writing is a job, like teaching, medicine, mucking out stables, doing your homework and serving me at McDonald's. You are expected to do your job and do it well. The chapter has to be ready to use too: no fragments or ideas. No excuses.

    So I suggest you start writing every day to get your mind and body used to the routine. Make a schedule. Start with 15 minutes at 5 am or 8 pm. Write down your ideas, or your plot outline, or a section of your story, or your daily journal.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Nobody can buy what you have till you sit down and produce something.   Start with short stories. 

  • Cogito
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    3 weeks ago

    The first three answers are right - you're not ready to write anything professionally.

    First, read lots of good books and take English classes.  Your written English is weak and you evidently don't know much about life as a writer.  

    As writing is normally done from home, talking about 'working conditions' makes no sense.  As for their 'hours', writers decide their own hours.  And almost all writers have to work an 'ordinary' job full-time, fitting in writing in their evenings and weekends, just to earn enough to live on.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You're putting the cart way before the horse.

    Your first step would be to actually write something. Then keep doing it. Learn the craft of writing and then start looking into what area most interests you. Join some writing forums and spend a few years really getting involved with that world - maybe have categories for screen writing and gaming as well now.

    Often the "I'm taking time to compile ideas" is just avoidance. An idea will get you nowhere and you're wasting valuable time learning and practicing. Screen (TV /film) is something that is more structured than novel writing. You can start novel writing at any age and publish at any age, same with poetry. But screen seems less trusting. So the more knowledge and experience the better, plus you're being hired, not working for yourself and they want to know they've hired someone who can do the job so do look for qualifications. Not necessary for novels and poetry, but is for screen. Someone is hiring you (even if just at the beginning as no one will commission anything done by a first time writer. You write other people's ideas to start with NOT your own That comes if you manage to establish yourself and gain a good rep.) That's how it works where I live, might be different for you.

    Like I said, for now you need to learn the craft, read and practice and start learning about the industry.

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  • Tina
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    I wouldn't worry too much about dying of hard work in Hollywood.

    Are you talking about screen-writing?  or what, exactly?

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Advice? Walk before you run. You are overthinking all of this. The best way to get your stories out in the world is to put butt in chair and write. All the other details are irrelevant at this point. Until you actually start writing and do so consistently, nothing matters. Focus on learning your craft first and then decide what direction you want to take with your writing. 

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