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Why don’t many people answer me on here anymore ?

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    Most users are doing one or two good answers is enough. Also, things like Dear Abby questions are just being ignored. There are several general reasons questions are not answered.

     1. Dear Abby type questions

     2. Obvious violations

     3. Anonymous askers

     4. Easily googled

     5. Asking about very archaic things that people have little interest in

     6. Not enough detail - give all the information needed (especially when asking about violations)

     7. Questions that would require us to have your phone or computer in our hands to answer

     8. Wrong category - always double check and move if needed

     9. Medical questions - the answer is ALWAYS "see a doctor"

     10. Too time consuming

     11. Too much extraneous material to read - we don't need your life story

     12. Homework - one question may get answered, but not ten and showing your attempts helps

     13. There is just no answer the way you asked the question - try rewording

     14. Poorly written questions (all CAPS and bad grammar for example)

     15. Using text and twitter speak instead of English

     16. Really technical questions

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    3 weeks ago

    Because this site sucks now 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Because few use this site anymore, aside from us basement-dwelling losers.

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