Do most people like going to supermarkets because there is expectation to tip at all ?

Even the Starbucks that's inside them doesn't have a tip cup at all, because it's a Starbucks owned by the store, not corporate Starbucks 

2 Answers

  • I was never expected to tip any one at a grocery store. I think it's rude to expect some one to give you a tip. I would tip at Starbucks, other coffee shops, or restaurants, when ordering food I would tip. Depending on how good their customer service was.

    I don't go into grocery stores right now. I do a curb side pick ups which charges a $5 fee, I consider that to be their tip. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    It is not mandatory to tip shop owners, and a supermarket is just that, a food store.

    Sobey's in Canada claims to be a 'full service store" which implies help with carrying out your grocery purchases to the car.

    Depending what the lad helps me with, a

    $5.00 tip is reasonable.

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