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is phone oxygen measurement usually accurate? ?

hi, I have a health app on my phone that is able to measure oxygen, heart rate, stress, etc. are these measurements usually accurate? I'm not worried about my oxygen, just wondering if the measurement would be accurate most times 

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    The accuracy of the measurement depends on the sensor being used.  Different apps use different sensors.

    If it's one that uses the phone's camera, it's almost useless.

    There are apps that connect via bluetooth, USB or headphone jack to actual medical oximetry sensors.  But they aren't free.  The cheapest one I know of is about 50 bucks.

    Of course, you can buy an actual fingertip oximeter from virtually any drug store - as well as Walmart - for 20 to 30 dollars.

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    That depends on where the app is getting the data from. Your phone obviously doesn't have the equipment to measure things like blood ox and stress hormones. How accurate the information is depends on how good the medical device providing the information is. Its usually fairly accurate, though

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