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As an American what would be the most useful second language to learn? Canadian Mexican or Klingon?

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    Canadian is the same language as English, except that when you speak Canadian, you add "eh?" to the end of every sentence.  Sometimes, that gets too repetitious and annoying, even for Canadians, eh? (!), so they change it around to "is it, eh?" occasionally.

    The proper name of "Mexican" is Spanish, and it is useful language to know.

    No idea about Klingon.

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    Depends on your priorities. 

    Canada won't let us in these days due to you-know-what and how we've generally handled it - 

    If you learn "Mexican" you'll be able to speak a language spoken in multiple countries around the world...

    If you learn how to speak fluent Klingon... well... you might be the life of the show at an American ComiCon... provided they ever have public ones again.

    I've been to three.

    One was so crowded that they had to regulate foot traffic, i.e. a dude would randomly bring crowds to a halt - based on some abstract math - then finally allow them to proceed... sorta like a metered ramp. 

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    I am interpreting Canada, English is  most commonly spoken, with a subtle but distinct accent. French is next. Spanish is spoken in Mexico, and Klingon...only on TV/movies. 

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    If you are an American, you already can communicate with English speaking Canadians.  We spell a certain number of words using British English, but most Canadians speak what I think Americans call Mid-Atlantic accented American English. (William Shatner's or Jim Carrey's or Shania Twain's accent.)

    If you want to visit or move to Quebec or Mexico, learn French or Spanish. Hispanic Spanish  and Habitant French are not quite the same French or Spanish spoken in Europe, but it is a start and most words are the same. 

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    The only "language" in your post is Klingon.

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    Learning it before learning another language doesn't even cost more time than just learning that other language.

    wikipedia Propaedeutic_value_of_esperanto

    For career-purposes, google "critical languages". Those are the ones that speakers of will be in short supply for decades to come. However, they are so challenging that you really should learn an "easy" language to some fluency before studying them

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    If you are American, English would be a good start.

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    Klingon. Trekkers are going to take over the world with their nerd culture. 

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