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PC Problem?

Yesterday, I restarted my pc and as soon as I did, my Discord app wouldn't launch. It would have the spinning blue symbol and then...nothing. I checked task manager and it was not in my background processes. I thought I might just have to uninstall discord, but when I went to do so "Uninstall a Program" wouldn't work either. My steam and chrome would launch without a problem, but other things such as BattleNet, Origin, Minecraft, etc wouldn't launch when I tested them. I ran a scan with windows defender and Malwarebytes and found nothing. I did a troubleshoot and it said it fixed a recycling bin corruption, so I thought that might have been at least part of the issue, but even when it said it fixed that I still couldn't launch apps. I had to manually change all my files to be able to launch Discord again so I could screenshare to my boyfriend who's been a tech nerd for years. We tried lots of different ideas, restarted the pc another three times, etc etc etc. I ran a defrag scan and it said my disk had 1% fragmented, which my bf told me not to really worry about and probably was not the problem. I ended up resetting my pc but keeping my personal files to see if that would help.

It somewhat did, I'm able to install and uninstall programs now, and I can launch game launchers etc. But, my computer is running incredibly slow compared to normal and I'm scared something might still be wrong with it. If you have other questions, I'll make an edit. I'm scared to shut it down...Help

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