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Are these macro ratios healthy, or is it too much protein for me?

This is what was recommended through the TDEE calculator. I am currently trying to lose weight (I was unwell for 8 years and overate and didn't exercise). Although my diet was originally high-carb, low-fat, I've been incorporating more healthy fats into my diet to reach my targets (mainly walnuts and sunflower seeds). It brings my fat ratios way higher than that recommended on a lower fat/protein diet.

Long story short, there were three recommendations on the TDEE calculator for me to lose weight- moderate carb, lower carb (NO THANK YOU!!!), higher carb. I felt like the moderate carb selection would work best for me considering I tend to consume more protein and fat than on my previous diet. I feel like the foods I need to eat to reach my nutrient targets always bring me over with fats and protein. I will be consuming more calories than recommended her though, since I find 0.5kg a week to be too drastic and not healthy in my opinion. I'm more focused on the ratios.

I'm 26 years old, 150cm, and weigh 50.5kg. I exercise lightly. My natural weight is between 42-44kg. I gained 10 kilos in 5 years and have recently managed to lose 1.5 kilos over a few weeks.

Anyway, my main question is- is this too much protein for me? I usually only consume no more than 45g and I think I'd fail to reach the 70g even if I tried anyway. But I feel like even the 45g is too much for me. I've read that too much protein can be very hard on the liver and cause issues in later life...

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