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I accidentally deleted many program files and Microsoft Office off my laptop?

I tried to wipe out my system but i had to manually do it and i cannot reset my pc. its low on memory and wont factory reset even when i tried. saying i need to create more memory even when i deleted everything..what can i do now?

I went to the windows drive c, and deleted everything but this deleted microsoft word, and who knows what else....

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Have you tried emptying your Recycle bin, my friend?  When you delete files they normally go to the Recycle bin ... unless they're very large files, which will then straight away be deleted.  They are 'held' there until such time as you do empty your Recycle bin.

    You MAY need to reboot your computer ... turn it off, and then turn it back on again, before you can successfully run a factory reset.  (That's assuming, of course, that you haven't deleted the restore partition on your laptop.  It's normally a hidden system file that you won't see.)

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