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Am I being unreasonable?

Hey everyone, so I'm pregnant and for health reasons I have to be induced in 2 weeks and my midwife told me to self isolate for 2 weeks obviously starting from now. The thing is I live with my partner but he has a son from a previous relationship and he wants his son to stay for the weekend, normally I don't mind whatsoever but because coronavirus rate is high in schools right now (he's 10 years old) and I'm ment to be self isolating till I give birth I'm not very comfortable with the idea of him staying incase one of us gets the virus. Of course he can stay after I've given birth. Am just trying to be safe and keep my unborn baby safe. My partner is not happy about it, am I being unreasonable by not wanting him to stay yet?


The rules have changed due to local lockdown, that 2 or more different households cannot be together.

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    No, you aren't being unreasonable and you doctor should also advise you not to have the new baby around a 10-year-old that generally lives in another household.

    Look, you and your partner have to make some choices. The isolation for you now is less about your baby and more about keeping others safe from you if you get the virus.  Yes, you can transmit it to your unborn child if you get it.  Your boyfriend needs to understand this and get with the program.

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    It's a couple of weekends and a 10 yo is old enough to understand the reasons if explained to him properly. I think your partner is being unreasonable. If 2 or more households can't be together that means his child should stay with his mother for now anyway.  

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    You are being unreasonable.

    If you are worried he will infect you, you can isolate when he is in the home.

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