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Can I get a concealed carry permit if I was convicted of a felony 20 years ago but was pardoned for it 10 years ago?

I’ve been a gun owner for the past 5 years


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    Short answer: If you can legally own a gun, your criminal record won't prevent you from obtaining a CCW.

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    That's going to depend on your state because concealed carry permits and laws are a state issue BUT there are many states that you can get a permit in even though your not a resident there! Take my state for example, Florida, will issue non-resident permits and has a extremely high reciprocal rate with other states with only 1 other state being higher BUT there are some states that refuse to honor "non-resident" CWP's and some states (virtually ALL of them liberal) refuse to honor ANY other state's permits except they're own BUT it's virtually impossible to get a permit in those states! The biggest issue is your felony conviction BUT if you can legally purchase and pass the federal background check then it should not be an issue but some states require the conviction be sealed or expunged first.

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