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Name suggestions for puppy?

I’m getting a puppy this week and I need name ideas. She’s white with blue eyes, going to be small, is a female lol. The way they described her personality: she’s sweet and cuddly, very playful but also laidback, loves kids and other animals. I’d prefer these categories: elegant names, food names, sweet names, classic names. Thank you!


I’ve decided on the name Peppa! 🐷🥰

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    The following female name me white: Akira, Bela, Bianca, Blanca, Candace, Fiona, Gwen, Ivory, Neva, Whitney.

    Classic female dog names include: Snow, Belle, Bella, Lilly, Daisy, Sadie, Gracie, and Bailey Fluffy, Bluebell, etc.

    Food names: Marshmallow, Snowball, Tofu, Donut, Waffle, Cheese Cake, Coconut, Macaroon, Snickerdoodle, Beignet, Pudding, Blueberry (for the eyes)

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    You need to research and find the name yourself........when I got my last puppy I knew I was getting her for a week and spent time researching to find the right potential name, came down to 4 potentials I liked and had her for 2 weeks before I gave her a name that suits her, yet the last pup I brought and the one before I knew exactly what name to call them from the day they were born..... their name to them is just a command word and means 'listen to me' and 'come here' most breeders with a litter of pups, will use the command 'puppy puppy' in a high pitch tone unless their new owners already have chosen a name and then they will normally use that.... so it only matters to you, the tone when you say it matters more to the dog

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    Okay, google 'elegant female dog names', 'food names for female dog', ' sweet female dog names', 'classic female dog names', 'names of Goddesses', 'short female dog names', 'Small female dog names'....let you imagination carry you on.

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    Whitey, Bluntie, Femmie, Cuddudle.

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    Skye, Flirt, Crystal, Icee (a sweet childhood drink) Lady, Bitsy Lacey/Lacee, Ashleigh, Kissy

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