Why does he keep bothering her?

My baby's father ex have been nice lately. She send food and money for her child that I'm watching every day and she even offered to help me. But My baby's father told her "We don't need your help. You're NOT doing anything". She's the one who he has to ask for our rent money and food stamps because OBVIOUSLY he didn't have it. Plus he took $20,000 to the casino and lost it like it wasn't a big deal. Now he's still bothering his ex WHILE I'm pregnant. This is my 2nd pregnancy and he's STILL messing with her. (I did too but I actually feel kinda bad). Why does he keep bothering her while he's with me when they broke up almost 2 years ago.? And the crazy thing is, He asked her to spend the night with him 2 months ago. 😒😐

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    He enjoys sex with more than one woman. 

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