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What type of revolver is this?

And how much is it worth ? Its got 1980 stamped on it.

Is it chambered in 9mm ?


Yes, its got Brescia stamped on it ( Italian industrial town ) and perhaps 1890 instead of 1980 ( i cant see that well ). 


Update 2:


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  • BBean
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    4 weeks ago
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    I really doubt it is chambered in 9mm...if you mean the 9x19 Luger round. If the barrel is not stamped and you have no measurements then guessing is all that`s left for us on this side. 

    I would be very careful just what to fire if the inside of that gun is anything like the outside. 1980 is probably the serial number instead of the date.

    Sure looks like an Italian 1889 Bodeo Model.

    10.35mm Ordinanza Italiana ammo. You won`t find the ammo on the shelf at the local ammo store. Ask for 10.4 ammo when you do shop.

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