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A prolific alarmist here said Corona  "looks like it could be a second wave."  Does this chart look like a second wave?

Every city, county, state/province, nation chart I see shows the Corona death rate has plummeted.  One example:

Source:  NHS, UK

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    The "second wave" is being misrepresented.  Of course "cases" will rise as more people get tested.  That's simple math.

    What's interesting is that the death rate continues to fall, EVEN AS CASES RISE.

    The worst is actually over, but the media and political groups won't let it go.

    Red line is cases.  Blue line is death.  Red line rises.  Blue line falls.

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    3 weeks ago

    These look like second waves to me. 

    And how can there be "a prolific alarmist here" when you are always ranting that everyone here who disagrees with you is the same person? Wouldn't it just be "the alarmist"? Or that line is only used when it's convenient? 

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    3 weeks ago

    Covid: The second wave is here - but how bad will it be?

    If large numbers of people ignore the directives, it will escalate. There is a difference in reported cases now because of the testing programme, which did not exist in April; when it has been claimed that there could have been as many as 100,00 cases, including those who had no symptoms.

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