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My son is 14 and was being bullied by a 17 year old student.  We have filed multiple police reports for assault, but the police deferred to?

The school and didn't take action.

Last fall, he attacked my son while he was walking our dog, a 30lb terrier. Our dog bit the back of his knee while he was attacking my son and ended up causing nerve damage.  The bully was counting on football for scholarships and that is now over and he can no longer play football.

We have video of the attack.

The police sided with us, the health dept asked for the dogs rabies tag, but said the dog was not vicious etc.  But, the bully's family is trying to sue.  We provided out homeowner's insurance with a copy of the video and they plan to fight the claim instead of settling it, but, I had to pay my deductable to my insurance anyway which doesn't seem right.

Why should I pay a deductable if my insurance isn't paying them?

And, how can they possibly feel entitled to money after their son has repeatedly bullied and assaulted a younger smaller child?

Personally, I'm glad this bully cost himself the chance at a scholarship and will walk with a limp forever, maybe he learned an important lesson.


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    I would ask the insurance company why there is a deductible. While your home owners policy might have a deductible for liability coverage, it would be more the exception than the rule.

    You may also want to ask them how much this incident is going to affect your premiums. If your state allows it, you may want to consider counter suing for that, but that'd be something you'd have to do on your own. Your insurance company isn't going to help you with that.

  • Foofa
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    Whether your insurer pays a settlement or not its legal dept. had to spend man-hours looking at the claim. 

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    They can sue all they want, they will never win.  Their child instigated the attack.  He reaped the consequences.  Their son is a bully because THEY are crappy people.  That's why they feel entitled.  You should only pay the deductible if the insurance company actually has to payout money.

  • Marty
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    You need to look at your policy to see why they charged a deductible,  I've never heard of them doing that. The bully got what he deserved and making a video was a great idea. Perhaps if the insurance company wins you can sue the bully or his family for the return of the deductible. 

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    I would hire a lawyer any way. The bully's parents might come after you for damages, but you need to be in a position where you can counter sew, for the bullying that your son had to put up with. 

    There have been police calls and they have contacted the school, and the fact you have it recorded. I would say you're in a better position than the bully's parents. Just lawyer up and be prepared. I think you and your son will win assault charges if this bully assaulted your son.

    Also if you press charges against this 17 year old you would be doing the neighbourhood a favour, he could have been bullying other kids your son's age as well. 

  • Rayal
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    I guess the "bully" will have to fall back on education and good grades to get him into college.  But I doubt that that is an option for a 17 year old football "star" who bullies a 14 year old.

    Give them nothing, admit nothing. Allow the evidence to speak for itself and let the court rule.

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