i have a 2002 tahoe z71 , when i accelerate you hear what sounds like i have big tires on then it gets louder. what can happen ?

The noise sounds like it might be getting worse , we lifted it there was no fluid in the rear end so we filled it up. what can happen if i keep driving and if i keep fluid in the rear end will it last longer even with the loud noise?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    That era Chevy differential has a tendency to clunk a little in the pinion gears/bearing; when you ran the diff out of lube you exacerbated that issue and probably damaged the bearings and possibly the pinion surfaces. If you pulled the cover plate off and cleaned the case out and found any metal shavings you're better off swapping out the diff for a rebuilt one with new seals and bearing all the way around. If you can afford to have your truck down for a few days they can rebuild your's, most shops will have an option for either route. Most backyard mechanics don't have the equipment to do a good job of rebuilding diffs because you need presses and some special tools. 

    So, you can spend some time and money now, or wait till you have a catastrophic failure and be stranded. Just adding fluid might keep you on the road but as 'The Devil" already mentioned you probably have an issue with your rear wheel brake system with the lube leaking out so that is a major concern too. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Repair the axle seals where the oil leaked out. Repair the brakes that were soaked in oil. Repair the axle bearings that were burned up while dry.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I don't hear a thing. The point being that you should have said "I hear", not "you hear". As for your problem, you need to replace the rear end altogether. It's ruined.

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