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What is even the point of being a gamer? Especially a "professional/competitive" gamer?!?

All you do is get frustrated when things don't go your way in the game- and then when you finally get good, it doesn't even matter. It's just a virtual video game that has no value in life. So you're a pro at Minecraft? Maybe top 500 in Splatoon 2? Or flawless at Fortnite? Whatever game it is, congratulations: No one gives a damn. It's a waste of your life. Waste of your energy, bad for your health. Both physically and mentally. Just watching a film (movie) for example puts MUCH less stress on your eyes than playing a video game.

I seriously pity people who make a living out of video games, and more importantly- children who dream of being gaming YouTubers. Also I can assure you I'm not a boomer- I'm 20 years old. So I'm a 2000's kid, and I can happily say that video games are the WORST thing to happen to society. Gaming is such a toxic hobby- with Yahoo Answers at a close second, lol (but that's for another story)

The biggest problem with video games is that it feels like "once you start, there's no stopping". It ruins your life- and I speak from experience. Yes I am actually still a gamer and I'm disgusted with myself. I'm really trying hard to quit video games, but I maybe *slightly* enjoyed Nintendo's Breath of the Wild (I'm not proud of this at all) and I'm thinking if getting the sequel when it comes out.

But other than that, say no to video games!

Okay my rant's over. Now it's your turn if you dare

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    Everything only matters as much as you personally decide, that’s the whole point of life is to find out what matters to you. Some people don’t get frustrated when they lose, they just say good game at the end. I think professional gaming is dumb and I’m not interested in watching it but there are guys who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doing it, so I understand their motivation certainly and if I could pull that off I would. What’s the point of being number one you ask, the answer is the cash prize and licensing deal at the end of the big tournaments. And I know a lot of these guys have discords where they talk to their fans and build a community and friendships, so it’s a good way to be social too, especially in times where things like parties or conventions aren’t legally aloud in a lot of places now. All that said, I’m defending games but if I had to pick between watching movies and playing games for the rest of my life, I’d pick movies they’re just more enjoyable. 

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    that's like being a 'U-Tube' star, a hero in your own mind ............

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