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If the moon disappeared, it will cause winds upto 400 km/h. Birds and insects wouldn't survive. Does "Cause winds upto 400 km/h" mean The..?

Does "Cause winds upto 400 km/h" mean "it will increase the speed of winds on earth upto 400 km/h"? 

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    Yes, that is what is meant by "cause" in that statement.  the removal of the moon would result directly in winds which could be as high as 400 kph (not all wind but some winds could be that strong).

  • y
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    What do you mean if? You do know that the moon moves away from us every year already. Eventually it will end up breaking orbit and just pull away. Much lie the climate changing or the sun eventually getting bigger.  These things are locked into our world.

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    Yes.Should be  "  If the moon disappeared  it would cause winds of up to 400 km/hr .Birds and insects would not survive ."

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